Reliance Tipple

  • Managed the federal historic rehabilitation tax incentives program for Wyoming
  • Section 106 reviewer for federally-funded undertakings
  • Oversight and performance of over 600 NEPA-related studies for HUD-funded projects throughout the City and County of Denver (24 CFR Part 58) that ranged in activities including down payment assistance, public services, administrative activities, operating costs, acquisition, rehabilitation, demolition, and new construction

Private Sector

  • Performed and managed all aspects of Section 106 studies for over 50 FHWA-funded projects that involved road construction and reconstruction, bridge replacement and rehabilitation, roundabout construction, and greenway construction throughout the state of Indiana
  • Historic preservation-related work involved site surveys, historic research, determinations of eligibility, maintaining effective communication with interested and consulting parties, writing all necessary documents, and creating mitigation documentation in the event of unavoidable adverse effects
  • Managed environmental reviews of FHWA-funded projects and wrote Categorical Exclusions; performed Section 106 studies for every environmental project under her guidance


  • Assisted with community and statewide historic preservation plans
  • Performed HABS/HAER documentation for historic sites with teams of other preservationists
  • Presented and served as guest speaker for preservation-related events and meetings